meet our partners/team

Lev Volftsun

Lev Volftsun's passion for wine began with a passion for history. Years back, while touring the village of Pauillac, he was introduced to Chateau Mouton Rothschild and its rich history. He is now a leading expert on the wine, the estate, and its fascinating place in the world of wine. He also brings 20 years of expertise in communications software to Five Grapes. An accomplished innovator and master of integration, Lev has held a number of leadership positions in the communications software industry, including co-founder and managing partner of Washington Capital Ventures (WCV), CEO of Dynamicsoft and General Manager and Vice President of the Telephony Internet Services Unit at Cisco Systems. He is also the co-founder and former CEO of Lightspeed International, a leader in voice signaling translation technology. Additionally, Lev has held senior leadership roles at MCI, Stratus, British Telecom and Concert, where he designed and developed a range of telephony products and platforms.

Jean-Pierre Lemoine

Jean-Pierre has worked in the premium wine market for 25 years and travels the globe in search of great tasting, high quality wines for our customers. Educated in Paris at the Institut National Agronomique, Jean–Pierre has a deep and broad knowledge of wine. He has extensive expertise in viticulture, production and marketing, with a holistic view of wine from soil to glass. He started his career as the US Manager of Cellier des Dauphins, quickly expanding to become the production manager at Compagnie Fruitiere in Marseille France. Back to the US, he ran the US marketing division of F. Chauvenet, then developed and launched World Wine Trading. With all this, Jean-Pierre never loses touch with the soil, most recently consulting with John Deere Agri Services and Specterra Remote Sensing to develop digital soil mapping and other information services aimed at contributing to the advent of precision viticulture with key-clients in Europe and Africa.