exclusive green wine designations

Vineyards and wineries are aggressively pursuing green practices, from carbon offsetting to biodynamic farming. To help our customers quickly assess the certifications, terminology and pathways to becoming increasingly more green, Five Grapes has developed an exclusive Green Wine Key™ to denote wines with planet friendly qualities.

Carbon Neutral wine producers are committed to ensuring a minimal carbon footprint and to further offset their footprint with donations to increase the world’s carbon neutrality.

Sustainable wines come from producers committed to growing grapes and making wine with minimal chemical treatments and energy use. In France this is called ”Agriculture Raisonee” meaning reasoned or thought through. Sustainable wine makers pursue green power, water reduction, reuse, recycling, earth friendly packaging and more.

Organic signifies a dedication to farming which is free of harmful inputs (chemical fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides), has minimal processing, and nominal use of approved additives in wine making. The use of organically grown grapes is increasing and many wineries are pursuing organic certifications from various agencies around the world.

Biodynamic takes sustainability and organic to a new level by creating a closed loop system where actions not only maintain but restore the vineyard. The biodynamic farm is considered a living community of plants, soil, wild and domestic animals, climate and water. Biodynamic farmers work to enrich the soil’s water holding capacity, reverse the effects of compaction, and increase the levels of nutrients, minerals and micro organisms found naturally in the soil. Biodynamic wine making uses native fermentation and nominal use of approved additives is allowed.