redefining the wine business

what we do

Five grapes is a wholesaler of wines of distinction to the trade and have both bottle and by the glass programs. We specialize in:

  • undiscovered, first time imports exclusive to us
  • older vintages
  • in-demand wines
  • back-vintage collectors’ items
  • investment grade wines
  • great tasting gems – or simply, wines we like!

We search the globe to uncover intriguing producers and reputable wine collectors to source, acquire and import a vast array of distinctive wines. We are small, focused and selective. We visit and taste the wine of all of our producers -- wine and production quality are our top priorities. But, we don’t stop there. We are intrigued with the stories behind the wine, the wine maker and the vineyard. And, we are leading the way in developing and promoting planet-friendly wine designations. We also provide services such as private label production, cellar rebalancing, sweet-spot pricing analysis, repurchasing and more.